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Cloud Deployments and Migrations


Cloud Deployments and Migrations

Modern businesses consider cloud deployments and migrations for a host of reasons. With traditional on-premise solutions, there is so much to consider when looking at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). TCO for on-premise solutions typically comprises amongst other thing: servers, storage, network design, and implementation of data disaster recovery plans. Traditionally, beyond the large upfront costs, businesses would also have to hire trained IT resources to maintain these systems, optimize and patch them as needed, train employees on their use, and support in their sunsetting or end of lifecycle. Cloud technology has done away with much of this. Partly by shifting the responsibility to the service provider, cloud deployments make it so that organizations can now subscribe to these services and focus less on the day-to-day technical management of their technology.

Cloud technology helps support business objectives in many ways. Primarily, it reduces the large capital expenditure associated with on-premise deployments by shifting the maintenance and support responsibility to your providers. Additionally, cloud deployments make scaling easier, and result in less downtime, and higher SLA performance. The financial and operational benefit of this is too great to ignore.

Beyond providing a lower barrier to entry for businesses looking to use enterprise grade technology, a key element of many cloud technologies is their ease-of-use for non-technical employees, faster implementation supported by best industry best practices, and the democratized access to enterprise data. At APC Integrated, we help businesses capitalize on this because we recognize that employees must be empowered by access to these data to ensure that front-line workers are just as capable of making better decisions as the executives. As a leading cloud migration partner in the Greater Boston Metro, we will be hand-in-hand with you in your journey to the cloud. Among our specialties, we focus on Microsoft 365 and Office 365 installations, Azure deployments, Virtual Computing, and Serverless infrastructure. Additionally, if your business requirements necessitate, we can deploy your computing resources through a private cloud offering to ensure that the specifications of your business applications are met with tailored precision. Whatever your interests may be, our team is excited to assist.

An added benefit to cloud deployments is the agility, scalability, and security that it provides. Specifically, when working with clients interested in cloud migrations, we see advantages in faster deployment times, enhanced security features, reduced infrastructure complexity, automatic data back-up and monitoring of metrics, along with the benefits posed to employees. Your team is better positioned to collaborate – this is especially important to support work-from-home requirements. Whatever industry you’re in, types of customers you serve, or objective you’d like to accomplish, cloud technology must be a serious consideration for any business wishing to remain competitive.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Cloud deployments can help you reach your business goals, please reach out to our team at APC Integrated. No project is too small, and we look forward to being of service.