Data Security & Compliance

Data Security & Compliance

Advancements in digitisation mean that organisations are sharing more data than ever before. In today’s fast paced and dynamic world, seems like data security is of the utmost importance. Because a breach of sensitive financial, or personal information can result in legal penalties. This occur due to business interruptions, or maybe theft of intellectual property.

As a result, can cause the loss of the business entirely. Hence, strict standards for protecting sensitive data are set by HIPAA and other standards. Almost all the standards are for the protection of personal information. Consequently, companies that deal with sensitive data it requires physical and virtual processes. Furthermore safeguards are compliant.


APC Integrated offer a wide range of encryption capabilities including:

  • Whole Disk Encryption for computers and servers.
  • Encryption of network communications.
  • Mobile Device Encryption and Management.
  • Protected Communications Encryption for email and voice.
  • Encryption for online data and storage solutions.

HIPAA Compliance:

Our trusted advisors can assist you with keeping your technology HIPAA compliant. While many companies in the healthcare field make significant to ensure the privacy of sensitive data.

Security & Monitoring:

To protect your data, the technology of your systems must be secure as well. When building technology solutions, we employ a concept called Secure by Design. First of all, security is the core function of your systems and services. We also monitor systems for breaches and changes.

Secure Access:

Lockdown who and what has access to your data, systems, and facilities.

  • VPN & Secure Networks.
  • Restricted logon to systems.
  • Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Restricted access to physical facilities.