Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

What would happen if your business-critical systems simply failed?
In addition, does your organisation have a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan?

One sure way to get through the chaos of losing data is to know the difference between recovery and continuity. Disaster recovery is a subset, much as a small part of overall business continuity. It seems like the process of saving data of being able to recover it in the event of a disaster. Business continuity is a completely different process yet. Therefore, it is not data centric; it is business centric.

The whole point is to continue to do business during a failure or disaster. Furthermore, this plan allows your technology to continue functioning. First of all to recover from a major technology disaster, as if they need happened in the first place. Also, your systems should be fully functional during a disaster-event, without interruption.

Cloud & On-Premis. Backup

. Keep all of your company data backed-up and secure and 24x7x365.

Redundant Systems.

Due to redundant systems, we can build your technology systems with multiple levels of continuity.


With infrastructure and system cloning, your systems can be brought back to life, right where you left off.

Disaster can strike at any time! Rather it’s a fire or a virus, don’t risk exposing your business to disaster. APC Integrated gives our clients the opportunity to create a Disaster Recovery Site. Most noteworthy give us permission to create it in our secure and reliable data center. Finally when disaster strikes, be confident knowing that your business applications and data are still there.