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IT Cloud Services

“The Cloud.” Everyone is talking about cloud services. APC Integrated is one of the most powerful, unified cloud solution available today. It redefines how you modernize, innovate, and compete in a digital world. Therefore delivering complete and integrated cloud services that allow business users and developers to cost-effectively build and deploy. In this way it can manage workloads seamlessly on premises or in the cloud. First of all, we help modernize your business with applications in the cloud. Most of all with superior choice, openness, maximum security, and built-in intelligence.

APC Integrated Cloud Infrastructure combines the benefits of public cloud with those benefits usually associated with on-premises environments into a single offering. As a result we take advantage of a high-scale and high-bandwidth network. In addition, it connects cloud servers to high-performance local, block, and object storage. Most noteworthy to deliver a cloud platform that yields the highest performance, also highly available databases. In conclusion, APC Integrated is architected to support the applications that run your business today and those you will be creating tomorrow. We drive IT efficiency while reducing complexity. Therefore we protect your data by utilising modern security techniques and multi-layered security.

Here are some of the great benefits of moving to the Cloud:

Endless Applications.

Email, offsite backup, storage, antivirus, and website hosting.


Imagine having an IT Security Team of over a thousand specialists keeping safe your infrastructure 24×7.


You only have to pay for the resources that you use.

Instantly Scalable.

With no limits on the power available, increasing your IT resources is easy as the click of a button.