Networking, VoIP Phones, & Telecom


Networking, VoIP, and Telecom

First of all, Fast and Reliable Communications and Networking are a basic requirement of all businesses. Without proper communications, a business can easily lose valuable time, customers, and money. In addition can even become preoccupied with maintaining their communications technology. Furthermore with modern advances in internet and telecom technology, no business should have to suffer from slow internet, poor quality phone service, or unresponsive networks.

APC Integrated has partnered with some of the largest internet and telecom providers in the world, therefore can provide our customers with the most reliable technology available at wholesale prices.

Here are just some of these great services:

VoIP Phone Service.

Some of the highlights of VoIP Phone Service Include:

  • The highest call quality available
  • Have voicemails sent to your email
  • Answer/make calls from your business phone remotely, or while traveling
  • Auto-attendants and automated systems to answer your phones 24×7, if you desire.
  • Similar or more affordable pricing than traditional analog phone service

Dedicated Internet Service.

Your local cable company can rarely offer you the best internet connection available. Because with a dedicated internet connection, you can lease (or own) your own private, ultra fast pipe to the internet. Most noteworthy, never lose your internet connection again.

Fast, Next Generation Networking Solutions.

Even with a great internet connection, your infrastructure still needs to have fast, reliable networking. Especially relevant between devices and equipment. APC Integrated can completely transform your internal company network, cable wiring, and hosted services. In conclusion all of your infrastructure is communicating with each other at the maximum possible speed and reliability.