Customer Success Stories & Testimonials

Since 2003, APC Integrated has been helping businesses achieve their goals by providing solid, reliable IT infrastructure. With the support of good technology, a business can be free to grow and perform more efficiently. Listed below are businesses and organizations that we’ve been honored to service, who have seen great value in the IT services we provide.

“APC Integrated has always been extremely responsive in addressing our IT needs. Their staffers are thoughtful, diligent, and conscientious. APC has always done a very good job at helping our non-profit organization both address its IT challenges and embrace new IT opportunities. We would certainly recommend them to any similar non-profit organization in the market for a reliable and friendly IT vendor.”

“Olti, Max, and the whole team at APC Integrated have been consistently helpful in providing the highest level of IT support to our organization for years. We trust them to advise us on everything from the hardware for our network and computers, to the maintenance of our website, and to the installation of our office security system. The folks of APC Integrated are supremely reliable and are always available to assist us with both routine maintenance and any emergencies that come up. We could not hold them in higher regard and we recommend them to others whenever we get the chance!”

“As a small company, we don’t have an in-house IT team. For years we have relied on Olti, Max, and APC integrated to handle all our technology needs. From setting up a new server, to database installation, to on-going routine maintenance, and even the desperate, ‘help, I have no idea what’s wrong?’ trouble shooting call, they have been there for us. APC Integrated are part of everyday life, and an integral part of the team.”