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Network Infrastructure Planning and Management


Networking, VoIP, and Telecom

A properly established network infrastructure can seem like an afterthought for small and medium sized businesses. But think again. Poor network planning, design, and management can cost your company a great sum – in terms of improper data governance, loss of productivity, unoptimized network device set-ups, and reduced collaboration. At APC Integrated we pride ourselves in helping our customers across Boston and beyond to develop and maintain fast, reliable, and secure networks for their business and employees. Because we recognize that no two customers are alike, we work to understand each of our clients’ unique needs in order to tailor network solutions that support and foster collaboration, integration, and clear communication. Through our extensive experience in the space, we understand that budget constraints can be a roadblock. Not to worry, we tailor our solutions to our customers’ precise needs. These include industry leading cloud-based or on-premise solutions aimed to satisfy your business requirements and budgetary constraints.

In an era when we judge every piece of technology on quality, reliability, and security, our business network infrastructure is no different. And like your iPhone, Television, or Laptop, newer devices come to market that elevate our standards and drive a re-evaluation of our investments in these technologies. Network infrastructure is not much different. It requires a proactive approach by which it is continuously improved and enhanced to meet evolving business needs. At APC Integrated, we work to do just that.

Businesses struggling with poor network infrastructure can suffer from unplanned and costly downtimes, poor speeds across the network, reduced service level agreement (SLA) compliance and unoptimized load capacity. It also poses challenges to scalability as your business grows. Equally as important is the security element of strong network design. Poor network management creates an additional susceptibility to hacking, phishing, and ransomware that could reveal personal employee and customer data. Consequently, these poor networks can cost your business financially, and in the form of declining brand equity and reputation.

At APC Integrated, we stay up to date on best practices throughout various industries to fully develop solutions that meet your unique business needs. When it comes to network planning and management, these standards could mean different factors that must be taken into consideration if you’re, for example, in the healthcare industry, as opposed to education to finance. Every client’s objectives are taken into consideration to help develop and manage a network infrastructure that will support your business in staying secure, agile, and scalable.

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